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Bad Credit Student Loans - Get Approved Immediately

Are you a student who feels let down by the government financial aid and government student loans process? You probably have many needs that go unmet, and oftentimes students with bad credit do not qualify to borrow money under a private student loan structure. There are ways to borrow private student loan money without having a stellar credit score, however. A bad credit private student loan is your best bet.

Money For Student Expenses Beyond Grants and Government Loans

Students have a plethora of expenses, and as you likely know, even the most comprehensive financial aid package and loan package from your student aid office rarely covers all of the expenses that you have. Student expenses are soaring with each new school year. Books, tuition, computers, clothing, housing, meals, entertainment. Like everything else in the economy, student expenses are through the roof. Even if you are eligible for the maximum amount of aid, you still fall short.

Private student loans are not needs based like federal aid and loans are, but they are credit based. That means that you face difficulties when applying for this type of loan. However, student with bad credit can always apply with a creditworthy cosigner to secure it. This loan can be in amounts up to $30,000 a semester, which is money in addition to the grants and loans you already receive. Even if you have exhausted your Perkins or Stafford loan funds for the semester, you can apply for this loan any time of the year, even in the summer and between semesters.

Do You Have A Cosigner?

Your cosigner plays a very vital role in securing your bad credit student loan. Your cosigner can be your parent, sister, brother, aunt, uncle, or other relative or even a family friend. If you do not have a cosigner, there are alternative options that will allow you to apply by yourself. These loans will be written at greater amounts of interest, however, and in lesser amounts that you may need.

For this reason, having a cosigner is optimal, but you can always go it alone and borrow a lower amount of funds. Before applying alone on the private student loan application, you should always check your credit report to make sure that your credit is actually as bad as it looks. Are there erroneously reported items that you can dispute in order to raise your score? The majority of credit reports contain some errors, so check yours to make certain that it is accurate.

Being A Responsible Borrower

While private student loans do fill the broad gap that exists in student budgets, it is important to become a good borrower and put yourself on the road to financial freedom through good credit when you receive a loan for bad credit. Never borrow in excess of what you truly need. Although most private student loans do not require payment until many months after graduation, you should prepare in advance to become a good steward of your student loan payments by paying on time each and every month. These types of loans report to the credit reporting bureaus and can be a real asset as you build the type of credit that is needed to purchase a home or car in the future.